Equine Photography Presets Pack Vol. 1 // ENGLISH


Give your photos a completely new look with just one click and exploit their full potential! These presets are made for the most diverse lighting- and shooting situations and will help you to make your photos look even more emotional, unique, and stunning.

You can find sample pictures at the end of this page!




Are your photos missing something? Maybe that special spark that would make them look professional and unique?


Then my presets are just right for you.

I’ve been working with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop for over ten years and spent a ton of time working on my favorite looks so I could save and reuse them.

And now it’s your turn to benefit from them and turn your pictures into unique pieces of art!


The Equine Photography Presets Pack Vol.1  includes 32 Presets. That way, you’re gonna be prepared for any shooting situation. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to achieve a warm and romantic look or if you’re going for a desaturated, moody atmosphere – these presets are here to help.

The 32 Presets include 16 main presets and various variations of them for any type of light, surrounding, or motif. You can even use them with the free Lightroom for mobile!





© Lara Soetebeer. Preset „Infra v.3.“


Preset „Autumn Leaves v.2.“


Preset „Neutral cloud with some sunshine“


Preset „Desaturated Elves v.2..“


Preset „Sunshine Playground v.1.“


Preset „Warm and happy v.1.“


Preset „Copper“


Preset „Moody forest v.3.“


Preset „Stay humble v.1.“